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  • Pre-natal & Post-partum
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My aim as a trainer is to help my clients improve their physical fitness and health on their path towards a healthy lifestyle. This means that you and I work together as a team to reach your goals.

These goals can go beyond your physical performance or your appearance, including your overall health and way of living. To achieve this, I take training, nutrition, as well as daily-life factors such as your work and sleep routines into account. We will strive to turn these goals into a sustainable lifestyle fit for the long term. Last but not least, I want my clients to unwind, enjoy, and have fun while training and working on their goals!

AboutYvette Willems

Since I could walk, sports have been the core factor in my life. Currently, I play field hockey at a semi-professional level and do fitness since my teens. My other major interests are the theoretical aspects of health and lifestyle.

I studied at the Sports Academy, and I am currently doing my Master’s in Human Movement Sciences at the VU University Amsterdam, specialising in High Performance Coaching. In addition, I am skilled in training and coaching pregnant woman both pre-natal and post-partum. To me, my job combines the best of both worlds: I can practically help people with their fitness and lifestyle by training and coaching, and can apply my theoretical knowledge while doing it.

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