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This awaits you when you commit to training with me:

  • A complete analysis of your musculoskeletal system.

  • An reconstruction of your diet.

  • A personal training program that matches your goals.

  • Professional guidance

  • Enduring motivation

You will have to work hard, I will guide you and tell you exactly what needs to be done to achieve your goals, but the motivation must come from you; "You have to want it". Oh yeah, and there will be some bad jokes ;-)

AboutWijnand Peters

My experience as an professional athlete (judo) and physical education teacher has driven me to get the best out of my clients. Working as a personal trainer for the past 7 years has taught me a lot about physical and mental guidance of people.

Besides having traveled all over the world, my greatest passion is windsurfing the ocean. Fighting with the elements that nature throws at you makes me feel alive.

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