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  • Strength & conditioning
  • Muscle building
  • Basic Fitness
  • Fun
  • Basic Nutrition
  • Weight Loss
  • Bodyweight Training
I am all about elevating your fitness level, health and maybe even quality of life. And there are multiple ways of doing that. Together we'll find out which way suits you best.

We start with setting a specific goal and from there on we will slowly build parameters around this goal so we can keep track of everything. Often I choose to use mostly bodyweight training in the beginning, to help you get more in touch with the overall workings of you body and getting more control over your movements. From there, the sky's the limit

“To train with Teun not only gave my the physical results, but mostly I had a lot of fun.”

Stijn Verbeultjes

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Most of my coaching experience comes from team and ball sports. Since I was 12 years old, I have been coaching and training teams of all ages, through multiple sports. For example hockey, tennis, football and golf. In general, sports have always been a passion of mine and so far I haven’t found a sport that I didn’t want to try.

My wide range of sport interest, in part, also led me to start working out with Rockstar Lifestyle and eventually move into using my coaching and training skills in the gym. Now I have been part of the training staff at Rockstar Lifestyle for over 2 years and loving every minute! As a trainer at Rockstar I rely mostly on my logical thinking and experience, but also my eagerness to learn. In this game, you never stop learning. 

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