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One of my core values is Contribution. This means contribution to myself, society, the world and other peoples lives is important for me and gives me a lot of energy and fulfillment. 

I was 17 when is started working in the fitness business and it has been a passion ever-since. I developed a way to do contribute as much as I can with the skills and knowledge that I have (and don’t have ;)

“To train with Teun not only gave my the physical results, but mostly I had a lot of fun.”

Stijn Verbeultjes

AboutDeep Health

I like to coach for deep health. This means getting al the domains of health in sync and too there full potential. It means multi-dimensional thriving in your whole life to become a whole person.

Health comes in six domains: physical, mental, environmental, existential, emotional and relational.

These domains are  strongly entwined and connected and improving in one domain can lead to improvements in other domains. We will use these connections between the deep health domains to our advantage. If one of the domains is broken, we will focus on the other domains to fix it.

Deep Health looks different for everyone so I naturally use an individualized approach. Together we will explore the domains to find ways for personal growth. 

I focus on style and technique, I do so to make the most out of the things we do. I want every rep to be safe and I want it to be effective. When I choose to do a certain exercise I do so to target a certain movement pattern. Doing the exercise incorrectly will not give us the result that we want. 

I do not mind to help people achieve short term goals. But I must admit I have more faith in long term goals. I can always help you transform your short term goals into substantive life goals. Working on deep health will give results faster, easier and longer-lasting.

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