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I will guide and support you within the world of health and lifestyle. It is my aim to make you as independent and self-sufficient as possible when it comes to obtaining a healthy and strong physique. The true north on our compass are your goals.

Based on this, together we will create an integral plan that will take you from where you are now to where you want to be. I will fully support you in this journey making sure you will meet your goals and have loads of fun along the way! 

“To train with Robert is, apart from working hard, mostly just super fun. He knows how to make you go the extra mile. Normally my attention span is that of a fish.”

Chantal Musketier

AboutRobert Stols

I am a former professional athlete who has been deepdiving in the world of fitness, nutrition and coaching for over the past ten years.

Everything I have been learning and studying about was always about me supporting my clients in achieving their goals. Both physically as well as mentally.

I might have learned a lot, but mostly I have learned, there is still a lot to learn. So I know, I don’t know. Nevertheless I think I ?know? enough (knowledge, skills, attitude, strategies) to get the best out of you making sure you reach your goals. And that what I might not know yet, we will figure out together.

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