Wildernis Trip Noorwegen

De tocht van je leven!

Voor 6 dagen en 6 nachten trekken we de Noorse wildernis in voor de tocht van je leven. Onder leiding van officier van de landmacht en ademcoach Koen Brinkgreve en tantrisch coach Sjors Boelaars maken we een tocht waarin we onderzoeken hoe jij je volle potentie kan leven.

The coming summer we organise a special trip. Under the guidance of former officer of the Dutch army and breath coach Koen Brinkgreve and tantric coach Sjors Boelaars we venture into the Norwegeian wilderness to reconnect with yourself, nature and your life purpose. We crafted an intensive and beautiful six day program with breathwork, camping out in the wild and many practices to reconnect with your full potential.

What are we going to do?

  • 6 days of wild camping in the Norwegian wilderness.

  • Learning bushcraft techniques like kindling fire with natural tools, navigation and cooking.

  • Many breathwork sessions in nature.

For who? This journey is for men of all ages and sizes. Everybody with a keen interest in getting to know himself better and who wants to reconnect with nature is welcome. The group will not be bigger than 12 men.

When? Week 1:  6 - 12 Juli 2022 (men only) Week 2: 14 - 20 Juli 2022 (male / female mixed) Where? Femundsmarka National Park (aka 'Little Alaska'). A vast stretch of some of Scandinavian's most beautiful wilderness. We were here last year and spent days in the woods without seeing another living soul (except reindeer).